Stromanthe Triostar (Large) - Green Zone Plants & Pots
Stromanthe Triostar (Large) - Green Zone Plants & Pots
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Stromanthe Triostar

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Native to the rainforests of Brazil, the Stromanthe Triostar is a decorative plant with a mesmerising multi-coloured foliage. Various shades of green, white-cream & pink come together in swirls to make a masterpiece on the leaves. The Stromanthe Triostar can be grown in decorative indoor pots or outdoor in the shady patches of the garden.


Note* : Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product does not have pebbles as seen in the images and also the plant may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.





 P O T   S I Z E : 

Diameter: 12.5cm

Height : 12cm

Weight: 0.1kg

Color : White

Material : Plastic Self Watering Pot






  • Bright Indirect Sunlight 



    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Water Once A Week 



    Water once a week

  • Indoor 

    Where to grow


    Bright indoors

  • Average Warmth 



    Low maintenance

  • Low Maintenance 

    Special feature


    Air purifying




Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed the Stromanthe Triostar a rich compost and a well-balanced water-soluble fertilizer, reduced to half its strength, in its growing months of spring and early summer when its sprouting new leaves.
Repotting : Repot your Stromanthe Triostar in a compost rich soil in a larger pot annually or when it outgrows its current pot. Keep the soil moist but never soggy and mist regularly.
Propogation : Stromanthe Triostar can be propagated easily by cuttings of the rhizome during spring or summer.




Common Problems

1. Why are my Stromanthe leaves drooping?
The Stromanthe Triostar thrives in a humid environment akin to the rainforests it can be traced back to and the drooping leaves are a sign of lack of water in the leaves. Water your plants lightly and regularly to avoid this.
2. My Stromanthe leaves are turning brown .
Lack of humidity leads to the browning of leaves and the plant is most likely parched. Water and mist the plant regularly to solve this problem.
3. Why are the leaves on my Stromanthe turning yellow?
The major issue with Stromanthe is underwatering. When the plant is parched for far too long the drooping leaves progress to yellowing and browning. If the condition is not remedied the leaves shrivel up and die. Maintain a moist, but not soggy, soil and mist regularly to help your plant thrive.


Style and Décor


Style and Décor

Light Requirements :Stromanthe Triostar needs bright indirect sunlight; however, direct sunlight can cause your plant to lose its variegations, burn and eventually kill your plant.
Locations :A north or east facing window works best for the Stromanthe Triostar because this location will have ample amount of indirect sunlight. You can place your Stromanthe in shaded parts of outdoor spaces.
Styling/decor tip :Pair your Stromanthe Triostar with a planter in a contrasting colour and place her in your living room, next to your couch to instantly make your room look classy and chic. It is also an ideal choice to lend colour to your shaded balconies. Its variegations make it a perfect fit for both minimal décor as well as warm colourful spaces.




Stromanthe Triostars are non-toxic to humans and pets. Turn your plant every week since it will reach for the light. Adding humidity is keep in keeping this plant healthy, thriving and full of splendid colors.