Snake Plant Golden
Snake Plant Golden
Snake Plant Golden
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Snake Plant Golden

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This air purifying plant is one of the most architectural plants thanks to its upright, sword-like leaves with yellow edges. A NASA certified air purifier, the sansevieria is easy to grow and is a great addition to any space. These are also great options for office spaces due to their compact growing pattern, a no-fuss attitude and low light needs.




 P O T   S I Z E : 

Diameter: 12.5cm

Height : 12cm

Weight: 0.1kg

Color : White

Material : Plastic Self Watering Pot





  • Bright Indirect Sunlight 



    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Water Once A Week 



    Water twice a week

  • Indoor 

    Where to grow


    Bright indoors

  • Average Warmth 



    Low maintenance

  • Low Maintenance 

    Special feature


    Not pet friendly



Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed your Snake Plant a balanced houseplant fertiliser monthly from late spring right until fall. Do not fertilise your plant in winters.
Repotting : You will need to repot your snake plant every 2 to 3 years as your plant starts getting taller and bigger.
Propogation : The easiest way to propagate is by dividing your snake plant. Use a sharp knife to cut the main plant in half at the main rhizome through the root and replant these halves. You can also propagate this plant by leaf-cutting.



Common Problems

1. Why is my snake Plant drooping?
A root rot is the main cause for drooping of your Snake Plant.
2. Why is my Snake Plant not growing?
Root rots due to overwatering is the most common reason for your Snake Plant to not grow. In this case cut any rotting roots and repot your plant.
3. Why is my Snake Plant turning yellow?
Snake Plant leaves turn yellow because of a lot of reasons. Yellowing of the plant is caused by overwatering or under watering. Excessive fertiliser or too little light also can cause yellowing.


Style and Décor

Style and Décor

Light Requirements :Sansevierias prefer indirect and steady sunlight. This hardy plant can also tolerate low light and high light. Make sure to keep the Sansevieria away from direct sunlight to prevent your plants from burning.
Locations :Snake Plants prefer bright corners with indirect sunlight. Living rooms, bedrooms, shaded balconies, office desks are locations that your plant will love.
Styling/decor tip :Sansevierias look good alone or grouped with other foliage plants too. The tall, statement leaves are perfect to add a hint of colour to any room. The beauty of a snake plant is that it will compliment any theme of home decor you choose. Our decor experts suggest using placing the snake plant in our beautiful monochrome or metallic planters and teaming this plant up with dense foliage plants to instantly up the beauty quotient of your homes.