N'Joy Money Plant
N'Joy Money Plant
N'Joy Money Plant
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N'Joy Money Plant

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The Money Plant N’Joy features variegated glossy heart shaped leaves interspersed on a climbing stem. Like all its other family members, the N’Joy variety is a low maintenance and easy to grow plant that doubles up as an excellent air purifier and it is also believed to bring luck and prosperity into your life!




 P O T   S I Z E : 

Diameter: 12.5cm

Height : 12cm

Weight: 0.1kg

Color : White

Material : Plastic Self Watering Pot







  • Bright Indirect Sunlight 



    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Water Once A Week 



    Water Thrice a week

  • Indoor 

    Where to grow


    Bright indoors

  • Average Warmth 



    Low maintenance

  • Low Maintenance 

    Special feature


    Not pet friendly




Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed your money plant with organic fertilisers once a month in winters and every two weeks from spring to summer. Also use a well rotten cow dung manure at the time of potting and repotting the plant.
Repotting : Once your Money Plant is growing well and thriving, repot it in a slightly larger pot when it becomes root bound and the growth slows down.
Propogation : Money plant is one of the easiest plants to be propagated and it can be done through stem cuttings. Simply cut the stem ensuring that there is at least one root node in each cutting, either root the cutting in water or plant it directly in soil ensuring that the root node is inside the growing medium.




Common Problems

1. Money Plant leaves turning yellow
Too much of direct sunlight or over-watering can lead to yellowing of leaves. They prefer bright to medium indirect light.
2. Why are Pothos leaves turning brown?
Browning of leaves is caused by a variety of reasons like over-watering, too much light, or in worst case, it is caused by a root rot.
3. Why are Money Plant leaves yellowing and wilting?
Overwatering and poor drainage of the pot leads to yellowing and wilting of leaves. Adjust your watering schedule and use a well-drained pot to avoid leaves from dying.


Style and Décor


Style and Décor

Light Requirements :The Money Plant requires bright and indirect or dappled natural sunlight. Bright light boosts the growth of this no-fuss houseplant. Direct harsh sunlight can harm your Money Plant. Indoors, money plant can also grow in full shade. Low to medium light sometimes leads to beautiful variegations on the leaves.
Locations :Money Plants grow best in warm spots with indirect sunlight so pick a location accordingly. You can keep your money plant indoors in your living room or kitchen or even on your study table!
Styling/decor tip :The money plant instantly livens up any space by adding a splash of beautiful green colour. Use money plant on vertical wood panels in your living rooms or beds to add a vibrant green colour to your home decor. Most money plant stems also drape downwards so you can also choose a hanging basket.


In fact, it is an ideal bedroom plantMoney plant continues to produce oxygen at night unlike other plants that produce carbon dioxide at night.

The very important benefit of money plant is that it attracts wealth, hence the name money plant. As per Vastu, it wards off negative energy creating room for positive energy. Vastu experts suggest keeping a money plant in the house helps remove financial obstacles and brings prosperity & good luck.