Golden Fern Plant
Golden Fern Plant
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Golden Fern Plant

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Golden Fern is everything you wish for in your Fern – golden green leaves – check; dense, happy foliage – check; low maintenance – check; air purifying – check. With beautiful leaves on delicate fronds that grow directly from the soil, the fern is a great addition to any indoor space with sufficient indirect light.



 P O T   S I Z E : 

Diameter: 17cm

Height : 16cm

Weight: 0.2kg

Color : White

Material : Plastic Self Watering Pot





  • Bright Indirect Sunlight 



    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Water Once A Week 



    Water once a week

  • Indoor 

    Where to grow


    Bright indoors

  • Average Warmth 



    Low maintenance

  • Low Maintenance 

    Special feature


    Not pet friendly



Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed the Fern every 4 weeks with a 19-19-19 NPK fertiliser. Over-feeding the Fern can cause the plant to burn.
Repotting : Repot the Golden Fern in a larger pot only when it outgrows the current pot and the roots have completely filled the pot.
Propogation : The easiest way to propagate is through plant is through division of a mature plant. It can also be propagated through spores that are found underneath the leaves.



Common Problems

1. Why are the leaves of my Fern turning crispy and grey?
Crispy grey leaves in a Fern are a classic sign of under watering, cut away the dead leaves and mist and water them regularly to promote new growth.
2. Am I overwatering my Fern?
It’s difficult to overwater a fern if its potted in a well-draining soil. However, in case of a loamy soil overwatering is indicated by yellowing leaves at the base of the plant.
3. Why are the leaves of my Fern yellowing at the base?
Yellowing leaves at the base of the plant are a classic sign of overwatering, let the soil dry out in between watering cycles.


Style and Décor

Style and Décor

Light Requirements :Golden Fern plant dislikes direct sunlight and will only thrive in areas with bright indirect light of dappled shade. However, it tends to shed leaves in areas with low light.
Locations :These ferns will grow happily in living rooms with indirect sunlight, as well as well-lit kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
Styling/decor tip :They are one of the more versatile options that are equally spectacular in both floor planters and in hanging baskets. Hang them in a well-lit corner of your bathroom to give them the much needed humid environment. They look great on tall planter stands with the overflowing fronds that cover the pot.