Echinopsis - Cactus Plant
Echinopsis - Cactus Plant
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Echinopsis - Cactus Plant

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Cacti are the favourite of new plant parents, owing to the minimal maintenance that they require. Cacti can adapt to their natural habitat and change their shape to one that is most suited to conserve and store water. It looks equally beautiful in both traditional and modern minimalistic setup and provide an excellent contrast to foliage plants.

Note*:Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. Despite our best efforts, there might be changes in the actual product. Also, note that some of the plants are delicate and few leaves are broken in transit. We do not consider these as damages. 


 P O T   S I Z E : 

Diameter: 7.5cm

Height : 7cm

Weight: 0.80kg

Color : White

Material : Plastic Self Watering Pot





   V I T A L S

  • Bright Indirect Sunlight 



    Bright indirect sunlight

  • Water Once A Week 



    Water once a week

  • Indoor 

    Where to grow


    Bright indoors

  • Average Warmth 



    Low maintenance

  • Low Maintenance 

    Special feature


    Air purifying




Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed the Cactus 2-3 times a year with a fertiliser lower in nitrogen. a 5-10-5 fertiliser works well.
Repotting : Repot the cactus when the roots have outgrown the pot and start showing from the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot.
Propogation : Cactus can be propagated easily and hassle-free via stem cuttings.




Common Problems

1. Why is my cactus turning yellow?
Cacti turn yellow or orange when they are exposed to too much sunlight. Ensure that your cactus is not in so much sunlight that it gets scorched.
2. Why is my cactus falling over?
If your cactus is drooping or falling over then it is an indication of extreme discomfort. The discomfort could be cause by a plethora of reasons such as insufficient sun exposure, under-watering or bugs.
3. Why is my cactus turning white?
Sudden and too much sun exposure bleaches the cactus because of which it turns from green to light green, to white to yellow.


Style and Décor


Style and Décor

Light Requirements :Cacti require at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.
Locations :The ideal location for Cactus is a south facing window where it will have access to longer spans of bright sunlight.
Styling/decor tip :There is nothing more mesmerising than a group of cacti clubbed together. Plant a bunch of cacti in various pastel coloured pots or place it on a shelf in your open display case to keep them away from children and pets. You can also add it to your plant cluster to bring in some variety.